My internship is reaching an end soon but not my use and contribution to GNOME. Most of my work went to the GNOME visual identity design. I really hope they can be used in the future, and through more uses and continuous improvement it may be mature.

I uploaded the GNOME Visual Identity svg source here, it include 46 pages / layers in one file.

And here is the presentation templates with 1024*768px can be directly used.

Since I still do not export pdf format correctly because I made a lot of mask set in the graphic. My mentor Andreas suggested: “Masks are a bit of a issue with pdf’s in general, and if you use them for masking things out, I would suggest using path > difference on the shapes instead.” But I didn’t figure out it yet.

I really have enjoyed this internship with GNOME community, and thanks to all of your support and comments, hope we can stay in touch.