Small visual identity (VI) design by Gnome

For the last week, after the cheatsheet work being picked up by my mentor, I’ve been working on another task: to establish a visual identity (VI) for all medias (posters, cards, brochures) based on existing logo design for gnome in general. The task set fire on me, who never did VI before. I am a petite woman with limited energy, hard thinking often gets me so tired that I fall sleep instanatly when my “head touches pillow” (a Chinese saying).

To unify all publications and media, a few consistant design elements has to be there. Like the signature yello-on-red design pattern of McDonald, and the blue-black pattern of IBM, this design element should extend from the logo and be “in” the media instead of “on” it (blend in instead of added on). I tried many ideas and one is getting close to fruiting. Here it is:

I also want to associate not limited to LOGO with some supplementary visual identification, such the stripes background as above. But since none of them flying to me.

I really  appreciate if someone can share any idea or suggestion with me 🙂

Gnome Outreach Program for a clueless head

It could happen to anyone to have being using Gnome many years on Ubuntu or SuSE without knowing they are gnome users, and it did to me. I somehow get to know gnome by working on Beijing Gnome User Group community events, because many my other friends joined and asked me to. When I got a dim picture of what gnome is, I had been using it for years. Until now I still not so clear which application belongs to Gnome. I know Inkscape is of gnome, but a few month ago I thought (wrongly) SmartSVN in my toolbox is also of Gnome. I guess with this level of background knowledge I am the most clueless of all. I knows something about web building, graphical works and so like,Marina Zhurakhinskaya and Andreas Nilsson (my mentor) somehow thought I might be of use. “Get on-board”, they say, so here I am. I’ll try to be useful:)

So, unlike many other who can write so charming and in-depth I guess I have not much ideas to share with you on gnome in particular, and even worse I am still trying to picture the tasks laying ahead of me. I’ll do some self introduction in this post and hope to post more in-topic messages once I get more into the tasks.

I am a user of gnome for 6 years. I am a typical user, which means I fall well into  jokes of IT colleagues about “lusers” and “confusers” 😉 My background is web design, superficial knowledge of graphical works of both vector and photo-realistic. I don’t know much about programming or javascript/php stuff that friends kept talking about, but dumb as I am, occasionally I could point out people’s overuse of these technology, that many tasks can be done with elegant CSS and HTML. Well, at least I try to keep them elegant. Some of my work include building (also a gnome application) and theming just in case you are interested. I theme drupal, and is learning wordpress because of (oh what a slow learner I am). My experience is mixed, having been school, having been work, having been school again, work again, having being staying at home for a while, and now working again. My last completion of school courses was in last year, and I am grateful WOP accepts non-students as well:)

I’m so glad to be one of Gnome Outreach Program for Women’s internship in this year working in Gnome art on web stuff, icon and marketing maternal design. I am excited to know I have a chance to contribute to Gnome in any way, even mere. These things will get me involved into open source software. All is new, meaningful, and useful to me.

P. S.

I am disturbed with my bad grammar and, thinking a blog post makes it somewhat formal, had to let my husband review and retouch this piece before posting, hence the delay. Kelly Sinnott who just joined the out-reach program mused about women’s dependence and that fits me well: I often go blank-headed or lost myself on the busy street of Beijing if without my husband. Sign. Emily Chen from Beijing Gnome User Group reassured me not many others are good at grammar and few seems to mind about it when reading, thus I’ll try be bold in the coming internship and pace up, perhaps at the cost of more grammar problems. I hope to have managed all the communication in the end. I, somehow being a Chinese for a few decades, managed to speak Chinese correctly, if you ever mind that 🙂 (Note: this is being rhetorical, I am native Chinese.)

The subtitle of my blog “housewife of a roomful of dogs” somehow reflected the truth. People say they never know if you are a dog on the Internet, well let me just admit my family all are, some sort of dogs. My husband somehow managed to live pretty much like a dog for forgetting things almost instantly and being cheerful seeing his human companion (me), so friends and I all call him “big dog”. We also have a small dog, this time real dog. That makes us a pack! We have often dog visitors too, when it happens I do my duty as a housewife.