Small visual identity (VI) design by Gnome

For the last week, after the cheatsheet work being picked up by my mentor, I’ve been working on another task: to establish a visual identity (VI) for all medias (posters, cards, brochures) based on existing logo design for gnome in general. The task set fire on me, who never did VI before. I am a petite woman with limited energy, hard thinking often gets me so tired that I fall sleep instanatly when my “head touches pillow” (a Chinese saying).

To unify all publications and media, a few consistant design elements has to be there. Like the signature yello-on-red design pattern of McDonald, and the blue-black pattern of IBM, this design element should extend from the logo and be “in” the media instead of “on” it (blend in instead of added on). I tried many ideas and one is getting close to fruiting. Here it is:

I also want to associate not limited to LOGO with some supplementary visual identification, such the stripes background as above. But since none of them flying to me.

I really  appreciate if someone can share any idea or suggestion with me 🙂

8 thoughts on “Small visual identity (VI) design by Gnome

  1. Arve says:

    It sounds like you know what you’re talking about. (Though I have to admit I don’t really understand what you wrote immediately after the image.)
    Anyway. Most of it looks good to me, but I’m not quite happy with the accessibility/usability-picture. Maybe a logo leaning on a crutch? Or missing some “toes”? Wheels stuck on the logo, making it look somewhat like a wheelchair?

    • You are right and I also am not satisfied with that particular trial. In fact I am not even sure if I needed to play with the logo at all. I wished to have supplementary design elements to form the general visual identification, it doesn’t have to be plays of logos. A good use of the curve and colours that formed the logo might be good enough to complete an identity.

    • Carl says:

      I think it would be a touch insulting to represent accessibility technologies for the disabled with pictures of injuries. Wheelchair might still be on.

  2. “hard thinking often gets me so tired that I fall sleep instanatly when my “head touches pillow” (a Chinese saying).”

    It’s actually a saying in English as well 🙂

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