Start working on web stuff too

Hey all

Thanks for everybody supporting and commenting my work.

At the outset I was offered to work on visual identity OR gnome web work. I used to mostly work with jEdit (css/html) and gimp. I opted for doing visual identity for the excitement of potential achievement, and the special opportunity of learning and using Inkscape.

After having worked with VI for two week or so, I decide it’s best for me to battle two fronts at the same time: to start working on web stuff too. For inspiration do not come from concentrating but from diffusing one’s mind, and alteration of topic from day to day offered me the diffuseness I need. I am reading to see where I can be of aid to gnome website project.

Two things that come to mind is migrating Foundation web [1] and Friends of GNOME [2] to the WordPress version of the site.

Foundation – This one is pretty much about moving content and fixing the navigation and it’s a good task for getting started with WordPress and getting to know the template system, get a feel for the style etc. (a special footer graphics would be cool) I would advice to start with this one.

Friends – Needs slightly more work. I did some work late last year [3] with some jquery magic, but never finished it. It might need a specific WordPress template and some additional hacks to get working, but nothing too hard.

The challenge on gnome web work are two quite different ones, that I didn’t yet meet in my last foss contribution (news rss ticker website).

First, there is a web planning/interactiveness design challenge that exists on every web project. To make a good website is to first understand the audience. I am limited to only understand a segment of gnome audiences. I don’t program and don’t know what programmers look for on gnome website, nor work with other IT companies to establish upper-lower stream relationship, which means I don’t know what vendors look for from gnome website. Luckily the burden of this aspect seems to be on the shoulder of my mentors, but I should keep aware of the audiences during my work.

Second there is a technical challenge. I used to be confident about my basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, but I am a slow learner on getting used to a CMS. It took me one year or two to get used to theme for Drupal! I start to worry I may need a lot time to get used to wordpress. Most programmers must think me a slow learner. I do get used to technical things very slowly. I hope learning CMS is like learning a foreign language: as soon as you manage the 3rd language, the 4th, 5th languages are much easier.

BTW, here is a few VI mock-up and icons I retouched:

One thought on “Start working on web stuff too

  1. Leif says:

    I like the butterfly for freedom.

    I’m not so sure I’d identify coffee with easy right away, but i’m interested in hearing your inspiration for that.

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