GNOME 3 install-fest took place in Beijing, too

The install-fest event in Beijing was held yesterday (15 Jun) at Novell office, organized by Emily Chen (GNOME board member) and fellow bjgug (Beijing GNOME user group) members. Li Bin (developer in Novell, GNOME development of contributor, he will attend the summit in Berlin) introduce by running GNOME3 based on OpenSuse 11.4 for new features and operation.

We look forward to GNOME3 has been a long time, and yet GNOME3 show us many fashion features, including its Activities, Search, Workspaces, Switching, Maximizing and tiling, Dash. (I have no technology knowledge, so I don’t know this part of new features:)

I list the question who asked during the introduction and also more concerned about:

Shut-down button. When the speaker shows the magic the shut-down button will appear once you press the Alt key, everyone laughed, including both supportive and disagreeable audiences:)

Utilization of space on the desktop. The left and top space always made some people want to utilize it especially in the smaller screen.

Finally, thank Novell provided the venue, and thank all of your participation and support, there are includ some members in Novell, Debian, Ubuntu.

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