Iconic design applied in a table cloth and brochure

There were some excited things happened to me, I must write it in blog to share with you all.

One thing is my iconic design for GNOME VI somehow becoming used! when Emily asking me to design a tab page for COSCUP, it’s the first chance I put the icons be used. Although I was only retouched a poster based on an original (because time is so short, and I real like the original design), but when I put a lager cloud behind the little robot, I felling as happy as the little robot:) here you can find the editable svg sources.

Later I applying icons to a table cloth, which will be used in the Desktop Summit.

I have to say my mentor Andreas Nilsson gives me the important help which he always encourage me when I showing him my design. “I really like these. I love the footer!” some times he will say:)

I have to soon later follow up a blog post with more complete and integrate description of the visual identity  for feedback and comment.

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