My internship is reaching an end soon but not my use and contribution to GNOME

My internship is reaching an end soon but not my use and contribution to GNOME. Most of my work went to the GNOME visual identity design. I really hope they can be used in the future, and through more uses and continuous improvement it may be mature.

I uploaded the GNOME Visual Identity svg source here, it include 46 pages / layers in one file.

And here is the presentation templates with 1024*768px can be directly used.

Since I still do not export pdf format correctly because I made a lot of mask set in the graphic. My mentor Andreas suggested: “Masks are a bit of a issue with pdf’s in general, and if you use them for masking things out, I would suggest using path > difference on the shapes instead.” But I didn’t figure out it yet.

I really have enjoyed this internship with GNOME community, and thanks to all of your support and comments, hope we can stay in touch.

A pure and beautiful Gannan grassland

I spent a few nice days on the northwest Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in China- a pure and beautiful Gannan grassland.

In there, the cute little yak are anxiously looking for his mother because of the too big meadow; the stream flowing is cold enough to let the local Tibetans to cool beer; the long sweep of green hills always let people full in daydreams; the handsome horses walks slowly in tiny steps.

Also, in field the wheat with golden yellow in all way; terraced fields are like colorful patches of the earth; and the small flowers do spot the green land…

(We meant to go to Berlin to attend Desktop Summit with a short holiday in Europe, but our visa was unexpectedly refused in the last minute, so we turned to the Gannan grassland instead. 🙂

GNOME Foundation webpage design

I was asked to integrate The GNOME Foundation website into, so I drafted some mockup based on layout, and I also tried to made the mockup in my WordPress testbed.

here is a mockup ( I like the head banner better than others.)
         (after these comments below, I drafted this new banner with bubbles)

BTW: I have a problem with my WordPress testbed now. As you can see I leaved the  page right side  in blank in my testbed, because I don’t know how to insert the two boxes in my testbed page, which I want to do is exactly same as in the front page of

I wonder if some one can help me with this issue? Thanks!








这是一个幻灯片,前一张照片为英国Ian A. Young所拍。后一张照片为印度Prabhu B. Doss所拍。均为CC授权许可再创作。

这是一个幻灯片,前一张照片为英国Ian A. Young所拍。后一张照片为印度Prabhu B. Doss所拍。均为CC授权许可再创作。

本文只讲彩带。“彩带”不论用在哪里,都是坏点子。常见却低效。人类的眼睛和青蛙一样,喜欢跟着动的东西。“彩带”上面的文字和图片一直在动,人的 眼被迫跟着它。阅读静止的东西,如同打靶;阅读动的东西,就跟射击飞碟一样,难度加倍。阅读越困难,记忆越浅。大家中学时都有这样的经验,读古文每每看注 释,结果注释全懂了,古文的意思反而忘了。这就说明读起来难的,印象就差。另外,“彩带”里的东西难于用鼠标点中,也不便打印出来。

有人说“彩带”会动,强夺人青睐,确实有实效,否则街上门店门楣上何以要用它?门店夺得了关注,占了便宜,邻家的店就得损失注意力。但是客人如果进 入了独家经营的超市,比如家乐福,就见不到“彩带”了,因为从哪里买都是家乐福的利润。访客访问网站,那就相当于已经进了独家经营的家乐福,“彩带”只是 在和页面上其它内容竞争关注度。同属于家乐福,有“彩带”的赢了没”彩带”的,何苦麻烦? 何况彩带还有本质缺点,前面说过。

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  1. 有条理地排布组织内容。有时候只需要调整到正确的位置上就能获得关注。往往是内容先失了条理,网站设计人员才会想要过度强调某个部分。前文提到自然之友首页上滚动内容大约就属这个情况。
  2. 适当弱化不重要的内容。我国大陆网站只在强调上下功夫,我前文曾提到纽约时报弱化上下了不少功夫,效果很好。
  3. 减少内容。比如新闻,对于中小型组织或公司,一个月也不会有太多新闻,只显示近30天或近十条新闻就䠖了,更多新闻可以让访客点击进去再看。又比如对于 “合作单位”,滚动显示大量徽标,还不如只是随机显示一个合作单位徽标,并附上一两行说明文字,说明合作关系。这样很真诚,说明合作单位不是拿来凑数的。

GNOME Visual Identity manual

Hi everybody,

Here is the first version of GNOME Visual Identity manual, all of them are 44 pages, there are include:


02- LOGO





Please feel free to make comments!

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