GNOME Foundation webpage design

I was asked to integrate The GNOME Foundation website into, so I drafted some mockup based on layout, and I also tried to made the mockup in my WordPress testbed.

here is a mockup ( I like the head banner better than others.)
         (after these comments below, I drafted this new banner with bubbles)

BTW: I have a problem with my WordPress testbed now. As you can see I leaved the  page right side  in blank in my testbed, because I don’t know how to insert the two boxes in my testbed page, which I want to do is exactly same as in the front page of

I wonder if some one can help me with this issue? Thanks!

8 thoughts on “GNOME Foundation webpage design

  1. bochecha says:

    That logo looks a lot like the Fedora “4 foundations” and “fudcon” logos.

    Is that expected?

    Other wise that mockup looks great. 🙂

  2. Hi Yu!
    Sorry for not being able to reply to your e-mails. The DS connection is terrible and Thunderbird really hates that. Trying here instead. 🙂
    In general, I like this stuff, especially the top of the page. Me and Vinicius discussed it a bit, and we have some addtional ideas, and we’ll try to send you some mockups as soon as things works again.

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