A pure and beautiful Gannan grassland

I spent a few nice days on the northwest Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in China- a pure and beautiful Gannan grassland.

In there, the cute little yak are anxiously looking for his mother because of the too big meadow; the stream flowing is cold enough to let the local Tibetans to cool beer; the long sweep of green hills always let people full in daydreams; the handsome horses walks slowly in tiny steps.

Also, in field the wheat with golden yellow in all way; terraced fields are like colorful patches of the earth; and the small flowers do spot the green land…

(We meant to go to Berlin to attend Desktop Summit with a short holiday in Europe, but our visa was unexpectedly refused in the last minute, so we turned to the Gannan grassland instead. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A pure and beautiful Gannan grassland

  1. Han Fan says:

    Wasn’t it in Gannan where the Government resettled over 70,000 Tibetans into brand new concrete reservations? It should be much easier to mine the region that way, and help civilise the minorities.

    It does look beautiful over there in China’s Tibet! The West has nothing like that!

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