Great to meet you in GNOME.Asia 2013 in Seoul

I might be the latest one to write report after attend the GNOME.Asia, but that does not mean I do not taken it sincerely. To attend GNOME.Asia always give me opportunity to meet many GNOMERS and participants and have a very wonderful experience. My buckets are full of spiritual rewards. Some by the generous spirite of sharing from others, some learned, some my humble creation.

I’d like especially to thank Eric Sun, Which I missed his topic “The soul’s code of Taiwan campus” in the conference, and he gladly showed his presentation with me alone after his speech:) I like Eric Sun’s creativity design for the Ezgo, and like his passion in Ezgo.

I also want to thank Max and Karen, Max always encouraging me on my speech. Karen, she actually came to listened my speech “Web design done in GNOME and how I did my last GOPW”, despite my poor delivery:) I also enjoyed the talk with her.

In my speech “Web design done in GNOME” I started with my own story to show how I getting in touched with Opensource, and introduced my paraphernalia of my web design work: GIMP, Inkscape, jEdit, fileZilla.

Also, I was glad to see my design elements in GOPW have been used in GNOME.Asia 🙂

BTW: I found, especially in Adacamp, women geeks tends dress alike. A typical ensemble include a T-shirt, jean, sports shoes, a pair of glasses. That is, they dress like male geeks. This time, I thought since my naive existence is an unavoidable reduction to the entropy of geeky heat, I might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb, so I dressed a red dress with flowery ribbon, my usual ensemble. It isn’t exaggerated dressing at all, nevertheless sparked curiosity. Some tried to verify that I am not a programmer, and succeeded;) perhaps before getting his wager. Should I bash the bias of perceiving women geeks, mostly also feminists, as unfeminine, or did it backfire, having myself tagged as a naive non-programmer? In other words, should I fight by dressing like not fighting at all? [Yes, my husband tightened this paragraph for me. It had been much longer.]

Thanks GNOME Foundation sponsored me to attend the GNOME.Asia in Seoul, thanks the Taiwan and local organizers who have held such a great event for us.

2 thoughts on “Great to meet you in GNOME.Asia 2013 in Seoul

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